Pacific Beach Lodging

Pacific Beach Lodging

Between the ocean, the bay, and nearly 3 miles of bike paths — not to mention year-round sunshine — Pacific Beach offers a myriad of recreational activities for families, weekend warriors, and outdoor enthusiasts. There’s simply too many things to do in Pacific Beach to accomplish in one day, so plan to book your San Diego lodging accordingly.

Between the ocean and Mission Bay lies miles of paved paths for bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and joggers too. The paths afford spectacular views of both Pacific Beach and Mission Beach while offering up a slice of local life, including neighborhood basketball games, family picnics, Frisbee, and kite activities, and lots of outdoor barbecues.

Whether you plan to surf, swim, kayak, or body board in the blue waters of the ocean, there is no better place to book your Pacific Beach lodging in San Diego than Beach Haven Inn.

Mission Bay Park

Across Mission Blvd. from Belmont Park there are picnic tables, playgrounds, barbecues, rest rooms, volleyball courts, soft grass, benches, and some cozy spots under palm trees. The park stretches for miles along the bay’s calm waters which gives a great view of the daily summer fireworks that take place at 9:50 p.m. every night at Sea World. You can look out the back porch toward the bay, or walk or drive closer for a better view. Sea World is open in both the day and evenings during the summer.

The Boardwalk

Walk, jog, roller blade, bike ride, skateboard, and people watch along this 2 ¾ mile stretch of boardwalk that stretches from South Jetty to Crystal Pier. Take a 5 minute stroll to The Bay Side across Mission Blvd. to beautiful Mission Bay where can walk for miles on the sidewalks which hug the bay. Enjoy all of the water sports include sailing, swimming, paddle boating, kayaking, jet skiing, motor boating, fishing, and more

Belmont Park

This historic amusement park has the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster, bungie trampolines, the human gyroscope, Virtual Reality, and other rides and games. The Plunge, San Diego’s largest indoor heated swimming pool, is also in the park. This Olympic size public swimming pool was built as a centerpiece for Belmont Park in 1925 and is located at Mission Blvd. and West Mission Bay Drive.

Giant Dipper Rollercoaster

A trip to Belmont Park wouldn’t be complete until you’ve taken a ride on the Giant Dipper. This San Diego treasure is practically a landmark. Built in 1925, this distinctive roller coaster is one of two original oceanfront roller coasters still in operation on the west coast and has been a San Diego pastime ever since. While you’re in the area, why not make a stop at Crystal Pier which is just a short 10 minute walk north on the boardwalk from the beach house. You get a great view of the surfers from above and while you’re there, stop at the wonderful little coffee stand before you get to the end enjoy a beautiful viewing spot perched way out in the ocean.